Luciano Mas Igneus Short Robusto 4 1/2 x 50


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From Luciano Cigars site:

MAS IGNEUS is a Catalan expression that can be translated as “House of Ignition.” It reflects exactly the essence of the creation of this unique and peculiar cigar. Once again Luciano Cigars innovates and develops a cigar that not only impresses with its balanced PH, medium-strong taste profile but has the traditional signature of its blender Luciano Meirelles: strength without aggression.

The intention was to develop a cigar that is a perfect match for the “M” wine from the traditional Mas Igneus Winery. In the heart of Priorat, Mas Igneus is located in one of the most exclusive wine-growing regions in the world, just 80 miles North of Barcelona, Spain. Enjoy this sophisticated cigar, whether with a special wine like “M” by Mas Igneus, by itself or however you wish. The Mas Igneus cigar is a different and elevated smoke, an experience that delivers strong flavors and boldness, with delicacy.


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