Fiat Lux Geniuses 5 1/2 x 52


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From Luciano Cigars site:

When you first light a great cigar, a space of expectation is created, where the opportunity for discovery presents itself. You taste a great blend, and you will be enlightened, both by delving into the complexity of flavors and with the possibility of introspection. It was with this sensorial and mindful journey in mind that the idea of Fiat Lux emerged, as a new blend that procures to express the birth of knowledge, to embody the consequence of its meaning: Let there be light.

Fiat Lux itself is a blend that generates deliberation. The construction of the cigar provokes an inevitable exploration of flavors as it ignites the taste buds for the sake of discovery. Enlightenment is a natural, mindful consequence of its physical attributes.


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